Welcome to Precision Tecknology.

We are a provider of Internet Access.  We provide Internet Access by Fixed Wireless, over radios from our network to your location, using special radios and a special frequency band, which provides a fast-low latency signal.  The radio at your location is mounted on a suitable location with a cable brought inside, then connected to an inside router which provides wi-fi inside.  The special radio located on your house is about the size of a large dinner plate.


Can anyone get service in the coverage area?

While most of locations in our coverage area can be connected, not everyone will be able to receive our signal within our coverage area, due to the nature of these special radios, it is “line of sight” (LOS), meaning that the radio must have a pathway from your location to one of our towers that is unobstructed (buildings, hills, trees, etc.).  This means if you live out in the country, you can have high speed internet service!  We will perform a free site survey to check signal strength.


How Can I get Precision Tecknology Fixed Wireless Internet?

Call and schedule a free site survey.  After our technician has completed the site survey and determined your service packages that are available.  At that point, your install will be scheduled, maybe for that same day depending on schedule and weather.


Look thru our website for more information on Over the Air Television antennas as well as other services we provide.  We can help you “cut the cord” and save $.


Precision Tecknology is locally owned and operated business.  We support local business and local charitable organizations where ever possible.